Dear Valued Customers: Yay! Obis One expects to begin shipping in stock items for backorders and new orders this Sunday, May 29! Expect increasing offerings as we've begun full production to serve you (especially organic peeled black garlic cloves) which takes a couple months to get perfect. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for those who have understood and as always, have our back. Know that this situation was beyond our control as we would never not perform with the highest standard of organic black garlic worldwide. 



Welcoming Amanda to the ObisOne family!

Published September 8th, 2016 by ObisOne

Welcoming Amanda to the ObisOne family! She's a wildly talented Food Science graduate from, you guessed it, Virginia Tech! Once she wraps her head around the coolness and health benefits of organic black garlic, she'll augment the technical arm of in production, safety and R&D. She's in for a fun ride, and we're tickled to have her work with us.

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