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On the Grill: Black Crack®, Wild Blackberry & Rolled Oat Scones

Published July 3rd, 2018 by Patrick Lloyd

Whew Doggie it's a hot one today, even at elevation 2300 atop our experimental kitchen site, Hokie Mountain Farms. But after all, it is July.

After foraging the abundant wild blackberry bushes here and making the usual ice cream, berry this and berry that, thought a try at scones would be a good idea. Twisted these with our Black Crack® and the combo worked very well. Figuring that almost all of you can google Scones, yeah....use whatever recipe you want. We added 2 cups of blackberries and about 3 grinds of Black Crack® per scone. We also soured our organic milk with get this, our black limes. Although the flavor was familiar, it did evoke that "What the hell is that flavor?" response. 

Most sources suggest baking them at 400F for 20 minutes or so, but 375F seems more suitable, especially with expected temperature variations. Speaking about baking, consider not using your oven and venture out to your covered grill. Your air conditioning bill will thank you. 

Sharing the Goodness is our quest. Eat well friends. 

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