Obis One Expandes Their Regional Footprint, Has Eye on Nationwide Presence

Published August 6th, 2018 by Patrick Lloyd

There is no "next level" here, just research, development and exploring uncharted territory. 

Doing right by our customers and finding ways to share more healthy and innovative food created in impeccable conditions is our goal everyday. 

Learn more about our recent expansion and who we really are here:

Thanks Friends. 

Patrick W. Lloyd, CEO- 

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A Message From The Owner

When you call ObisOne, you speak directly to the Founder & CEO, Dr. Patrick W. Lloyd. If he’s unavailable, please leave a message. You will be called back because you are important. That’s how premium organic artisans care about you, your health, your family, and your business. From simple questions, comments, to wholesale inquiries, or even if you just want to chat - we’re your premium source…period. You can text or call us at 609-202-9766. Solicitation calls and correspondence are not accepted. Eat well!