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Mushroom Bacon?

Published May 8th, 2019 by Patrick Lloyd

Awakening at 4pm on a day off is commonplace here. Thinking of a new project for Hokie Mountain Farms is ongoing whether it makes sense or not, most executed at the experimental kitchen for us and guest chefs at If you're looking for a recipe, it's not here, that's part of the work and fun. Recipes can always be found in our website recipe section. We need to explore and wish you the same and truth is, you can always get close with a Google search and mediocre skills.

Thinking about bacon and alternative eating lifestyles, the latter I don't think about so much, I wondered: What If? Let's be clear, just over 80% of every experiment here fails, sometimes by design as history tells us and gazillion companies like DuPont Dow that's how we get to the coolest stuff. Sometimes we'd much rather hide our failures, but today wish to celebrate something special.

Stacey is one cool lady, a yogi Master kinda lady, but chooses not to eat meat-born protein by choice. Reasons aren't significant, but we all should respect that they're all her reasons and that's good enough. Equal always.

Conflicted because me loves the pig and me loves mushrooms (almost) equally. When all you hear pre-dawn is a single whippoorwill and maybe a coyote on the ridge, it's a good place to assemble a plan. Today, that plan was to spin the flavor components of bacon with something foreign- very foreign. It was doomed to fail but didn't, most unusual, so I'll share the extraordinary methods to employ all resources we have to try to pull it off. Enter Bacon Dedinas.

Our king oyster mushrooms were ready and in need of something other than soup. They have the general shape, cellular structure (maybe) and response to roasting and smoking (doubtful) that made sense to move forward before sunrise, so game one. Generally, it's a rather simple process, but many of them, to get it right.

Season/Roast/Marinade/Smoke/Rest/Smoke. Anytime we're at 4 processes or less, we give eat other High 5's. Well, this one was 6 which in reality was 9, so it was a long day.

Please judge the results on your own experiences and likings, because at, we embrace almost everything as long as it includes kindness, impeccable quality and love to our customers. What you think matters.

Look for exclusive "Stay and Explore" opportunities with us very soon. Love to all of you. Simply put, we can't be the best in the World without your love and support.

Getting there.


Patrick W. Lloyd, PhD, Founder and CEO,

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