Dear Valued Customers: Yay! Obis One expects to begin shipping in stock items for backorders and new orders this Sunday, May 29! Expect increasing offerings as we've begun full production to serve you (especially organic peeled black garlic cloves) which takes a couple months to get perfect. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for those who have understood and as always, have our back. Know that this situation was beyond our control as we would never not perform with the highest standard of organic black garlic worldwide. 



The Real Story behind......Why Black Garlic?

Published December 7th, 2014 by ObisOne

In 2012, Obis One was invented out of invention, with little clue how to best grow a crop that was and is not germane to southern garlic. We reside at the oldest working farm in NJ, but needed to learn how to transform it into a viable organic farm that could sustainably grow and transform world-class garlic.

The recipe for our organic black garlic was 4+ years in the making, with multiple trials and tribulations. We hope to do what is required for the best artisanal products that we totally control from seed to your panty. That was and is an ever-evolving labor of love that our attorneys say should never be patented, because what we do is that special. As explained to us, your process is remarkably different, does not use chemicals or inferior starting material, so we advise that what you do and your recipe should remain a trade secret like Pepsi and Coke.

The last part of creating something extra special hinged on the "tooth" of our product. After stumbling on the passion of transforming white garlic into black, we certainly looked at what else what out there. Pat's penchant for food-ism kept knowing at him, as compatible products were imported and mushy in texture. His earnest insistence in that "there must be tooth" to this product was non-negotiable. Countless hours, resources and dumpster-worthy material met it's maker until a 100% reliable recipe was developed. That should be enough as black garlic is super healthy and a viable product on its own. Some wish it ended there.

Next, he insisted on "What' Next?" Awesome derivative products began to emerge, beginning with Black Garlic Salt. It was a great match for tomatoes and unbelievably, strawberries. Next came a plethora of well researched spice and seasoning matches that use black garlic as a flavor widener, umami if you will, to promote health and address the needs of how people eat.

Being sensitive to his favorite venue, trained chefs, recipes and applications came slow. His vision was that "We must allow even more time for home and trained culinary people to develop what works for theme, to give us feedback, and ultimately embrace what doesn't work to create a platform for what does work. Expertism was rejected on all levels, although it was the norm and lure to create a profitable business.

Some say the black garlic thing is a culinary and health "flash" and best described as a "right product at the right time" phenomenon. We fully acknowledge that almost everything in the culinary and health world has already been done before in one form or another, but we remain true to the fact that or efforts were invented here, our way, on our own farm and we always strive to "Share the Goodness: with all.

We're dutifully watching our crop and every stage of each and every of our products. Some take over 3 years from seed to product, but that ok.

The only thing we know for sure is that Black Crack™ is poised to accept a huge accolade from world culinary experts. What we can't wrap our hands around is the flash or celebrity. As far as we're concerned, it was invented here, make here, sports a label that we made here, and we simply love to "Share the Goodness."

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