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Spinning 5 of the Most Expensive Ingredients

Published March 1st, 2015 by ObisOne

I truly believe the pendulum of procuring expensive ingredients and creating outrageous food because one can has crested, and hope for a return to a simpler, more locavore and healthy approach to highlight culinary skill. Perhaps shameful, I got sucked into a "perfect storm" of opportunity and risky creativity yesterday that makes me both grateful and retrospective at the same time.

The precursor to the storm was an extraordinary gift of Almas beluga caviar from a friend last week. Being not formally trained, I have to admit that I broke a sweat when I found that current market price for these prized pearls totaled over seven times what I paid for my first car. To compound my conundrum, I found myself regularly pulling the custom box out of our protein refrigerator just to look at it, wonder why I was the chosen one and pondering what the heck would I do with it.

I was then enabled by a remarkable invitation to an extraordinary dinner party, where the hosts masterfully weave the trinity of food, wine and conversation among very diverse guests to create a monthly Mecca of stimulating social interaction. Whether perchance or intentional, the host asked us to bring the fish course.

We grow some crocus on our organic farm and it is a surgical-like joy to harvest our own saffron. As our growing organic black garlic business is budding with worldwide opportunity, my true passion is undeniable: inventing better, more sustainable and novel new products for family, friends, health and culinary world. Putting all of those experiences in my cranial Cuisinart, somehow the idea of trying to create something new with arguably five of the most expensive culinary ingredients came bubbling out. Sure, I undoubtedly took many liberties, but this was the result:

I anticipate understanding that there really is no need to supply a step by step recipe, yet I'd be glad to openly respond to any questions, comments and criticism. Maybe the real point is to acknowledge that blogging for self edification is wrong on numerous levels, but sharing humble and most incredible risks and experiences positively contribute to who we are individually and collectively.

A bigger personal challenge is my inability to recreate or perfect the grilled "government cheese" sandwich and tomato soup that is indelibly etched into my psyche as a kid. Those that dine together with family and friends always trump opulent ingredients and creations.

Dr. Patrick W. Lloyd, Founder

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