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Obis One Highlights of the Week

Published May 11th, 2013 by ObisOne

Well, this is the first of what we hope to be a weekly blog to share what’s going on at the farm, or what we’ve learned during the week that someone else might find helpful or interesting too!

Well, we started off the week with our first ever Farm Tour on Sunday, May 5. We were thrilled to have over a hundred people stop by to check out what we’re doing here on the farm. Chef Kip Poole helped us out by introducing a couple of new Obis One black garlic recipes, including a delicious black garlic burger with chunky “Black Garlic and Berry” demi-glace.

It was fun to combine the sharing of Obisquahassit, which dates back to the 1670′s (we’re only the 5th family to live here, the farm was owned by descendants of the original settler, Anders Seneca, for over 14 generations – this is a picture of the house back in the 1800′s, believe it or not!) while at the same time sharing knowledge of the relatively new flavor of black garlic.

We were blessed by gorgeous weather and the time of year when everything is in bloom.

Our lilac bush seems to have a bloomed particularly well this year – the distinctive scent is heavenly! I decided to cut some to put in a vase for the tour. “Lilac Love” on the Floral Design Institute website, is a great video on how to care for and use cut lilac.

On the agricultural front, Pat picked up our purple basil seedlings started by the Buzby Farm. They are a deep purple hue and have such a wonderful basil scent as you run your hand over the tops of the plant! The weather cooperated and we were able to plan them today. We were very excited to harvest the first of our Blushed Butter Cous Lettuce. Of course, we had to taste test it and had a beautiful salad with dinner!

One of the most rewarding parts of this venture so far, is getting anecdotal feedback from our customers and stores that carry our black garlic. A 94 year old customer returned the black garlic she had bought for the first time. The manager said, “Let me guess, you felt the black garlic bulbs, decided it wasn’t good and came back to return it” – the answer was yes. The customer was persuaded to take it back home and actually try it, pointing out the health benefits and the flavor. The next time the customer was in the store, she thanked the manager for the advice, letting him she really enjoyed it! It’s one thing when you produce a food you believe is healthy and flavorful, but what’s really important is when it can be shared with others.

Another chunk of time has been dedicated to weeding! Boy, in our garlic field, the buttercups are in full bloom and the chickweed is having a field day (no pun intended!). Nature’s own workout is right here on the farm – if anyone wants to sign up for the weeding workout, just let us know! Farming organically has its benefits…

Next month we’ll be harvesting scapes – the long green shoots that you see above ground while the garlic is growing. The reason the scapes are cut off is so that energy, nutrients, etc. can go into the bulb growth under the ground instead of the green above ground. And, waste not, want not – scapes can be eaten. They make a wonderful, light pesto

Finally, happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, wherever you are. Thanks, Mom, for all your love!

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