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Garlic Breadth in NYC

Published March 14th, 2014 by ObisOne

October, 2013: “Garlic… beer? It’s actually fantastic..” is what Andrew Zimmer of Thrillistwrote after visiting La Birreria the other day. “They brew beer with all kinds of crazy ingredients these days, and Dogfish Head is consistently at the forefront. But they may have outdone themselves with Garlic Breadth, a collaboration with La Birreria that’ll be at the rooftop bar until it’s all gone and everyone is afraid to open-mouth kiss one another. The beer in question actually uses black garlic, which is fermented and aged until it tastes kind of like a garlicky raisin (in a good way) on its own. The idea for putting it in beer got started when Dr. Patrick Lloyd of Obis One knew that Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione was going to be at an event near his farm. Since he was aware of all the interesting things they’ve been doing, he thought he’d roll over and pitch him on trying out some sweet-yet-savory black garlic as an ingredient. It worked.” For full story and some awesome photos, click here.

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