Dear Valued Customers: Yay! Obis One expects to begin shipping in stock items for backorders and new orders this Sunday, June 5! Expect increasing offerings as we've begun full production to serve you (especially organic peeled black garlic cloves) which takes a couple months to get perfect. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for those who have understood and as always, have our back. Know that this situation was beyond our control as we would never not perform with the highest standard of organic black garlic worldwide. 




A salt-free, exotic and powerfully healthy blend featuring the top three USA flavor profiles.

Invented by us, our Black Garlic Chili Powder is truly an original that we’re very proud to offer. Includes our own ground premium organic black garlic, Aji Amarillo and Aleppo chili, coriander and cumin. Add one tablespoon per quart of meat or vegetarian chili. It’s equally excellent as a rub and intensely deepens the flavor of sous vide cookery.

Aside from flavor, it’s important to share that we are extremely focused on health and nutrition components. We believe that this mix is the healthiest available with regard to antioxidants and cancer-preventative components.

1/2 cup Clear Top Tin - 2.0 oz. (56.7g)

UPC: 6 80569 15639 6

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