Dear Valued Customers: Yay! Obis One expects to begin shipping in stock items for backorders and new orders this Sunday, June 5! Expect increasing offerings as we've begun full production to serve you (especially organic peeled black garlic cloves) which takes a couple months to get perfect. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for those who have understood and as always, have our back. Know that this situation was beyond our control as we would never not perform with the highest standard of organic black garlic worldwide. 




Stock up on our delicious organic black garlic bulbs! Using no additives or preservative, our raw garlic has been transformed into this sweet-savory treat that you’ll want to have as a staple in your kitchen! Add a unique flavor to your recipes – pairs particularly well with seafood, poultry, stocks, sauces and vegetable creations. But don’t stop there! Use black garlic for so much more. Please check out our ever-developing Pro Chef and customer recipes. Store at room temperature. Shelf life: 3 years minimum

12 Organic Black Garlic Bulbs – 12.0 oz. (340.19 g) minimum

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