Mango Lime Black Garlic BBQ Sauce



  1. Heat olive oil in saucepan on medium heat.
  2. Once preheated add onions, jalapeños, and black garlic cloves. Season with black garlic salt and black crack. Cook for 5 minutes or until onions are soft.
  3. Once soft add mango, sugar and lime juice. Cook until the mango starts to break down, stirring constantly.
  4. Add remaining ingredients and bring to a simmer. Simmer for 20 minutes.
  5. Place sauce in food processor and blend until smooth.
  6. Use right away, or refrigerate for up to 7 day.s

Chef Notes

  • You can use the food processor to chop onions, jalapeños and mango to save time.
  • Adjust vinegar to taste.
  • Jalapeño can be substituted with other peppers. Habanero for more heat or poblano for less heat, etc.

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